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On the town with Lorenzo One of Florida’s only full production lifestyle television show and the only show shot using only TV, Film, Editing and Music students each trained by Lorenzo. On the Town with Lorenzo takes a fearless, bold, all-encompassing step of featuring a variety of topics while showing that a perceived unattainable life-style to some can be attainable by all.
Finally a national quality lifestyle show direct from The Sunshine State featuring the Suncoast’s beautiful people! Hello HGTV, Bravo and BET meet; “ON THE TOWN WITH LORENZO” a show featuring people and places, you may just know!


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Snow Queens

Somebody�s going to love me

To the outside world Amir Halliday seemed to have it all; good looks, money, a loving family and friends who adored him and his choice of any man he wanted. In �Somebody�s going to love me� we quickly learn everything is not always what it seems. The night Amir falls in love with a gorgeous college student 10 years his junior, his life and all the peace and self-respect he�d worked for more than 30 years to achieve, quickly vanish. Not even the privilege he was born into can protect Amir from Lances’ lies, cheating and ultimate betrayal. You�ll feel his pain, cry his tears, and encourage his revenge.

Lance Blackstone has his own 22 year old, fucked up way of looking at the world. It�s not about who loves him, but what he can take.

Get ready to travel through the sad privileged life of Amir and the mind of a heartless whore. �Somebody�s going to love me� will incite anger and educate you of the dangers of opening your heart and wallet too quickly, no matter how badly you want someone to love you.

Chapter one

Amir�s Pain

Amir walked out of the GiGi Hunter boutique in Suburban Detroit around 5 o�clock on a Thursday evening, after previewing their fall 2000 collection. Although he loved shopping and spoiling himself, being so well-known, made both hard to do in peace. In a city where black wealth ran freely, Amir Halliday was the Interior Designer of choice and everyone loved him, even those who couldn�t afford his high prices.

As he waited for valet to retrieve his black Aston Martin DB7, he realized he hadn�t spoken with Lance, his lover of the past three years and constant source of drama, since earlier that morning. He took out his cell phone and hit the speed dial button for Lance’s mobile. He hoped he might catch him in his car on his way home from work. As usual he didn�t answer, and against his better judgment he decided to leave his normal �Call me when you get a chance,� message. When his car arrived, he sank into the soft leather with the smell of vanilla and the comfort of cool air swirling around him. He was happy he had taken the time to have the car detailed as he ran his hand across the wood grain steering wheel which sparkled in the bright August sun. He turned up the volume and his favorite artist of the week, �Pink� filled the car singing about her man being a fool.

He flipped down the vanity mirror to adjust his Cartier sunglasses, and looked at his reflection, he couldn�t help but smile. At 35, Amir could stand next to someone ten or fifteen years his junior and still pull the man. All the years of no drugs, no stress and good genes, left him with a clear vanilla complexion and chiseled features that bronzed in the summer sun, reddish brown hair that was naturally bone straight and always fell in his amber eyes at just the right time and teeth that could rival any stars. Amir was gorgeous and he knew it.

As he drove down the Lodge freeway towards his house, he enjoyed the feeling of success and accomplishment that flowed through him. He immediately thought of Lance, and tried calling him again. This time he answered, and the agitation in his voice shot through the phone like a knife and Amir’s smile faded.

�I was going to call you back, but as usual you didn�t give me a chance,� Lance said sarcastically. Amir immediately felt as if he had done something wrong and started apologizing to keep the peace.

Lance continued before he could finish, �Is this important, I�m trying to play tennis?�

�Really,” Amir responded surprisingly. “You know I would have loved to play with you.�

�Yea, I�m sure you would have.� Lance said in a voice still laced with sarcasm.

�How did you get there from work so fast?� Amir asked. �I got off early and I�m at the courts at the park not home.�

�Why didn�t you call and tell me?� Amir asked, taking care not to sound too parental. It didn�t help because Lance again cut into Amir with his words �I don�t have to tell you every damn thing I do, I�m not your child. Now you know where I am, you can come up here if you want.� �That wasn�t the point Lance, if I knew you were getting off early I could have rescheduled my day and got home early too.�

Lance was louder on the verge of screaming �I don�t have to spend every fucking minute with you, I just saw your ass this morning. Shit, can�t I do anything by myself?�

Amir had become all too familiar with these types of outbursts, he saw where the conversation was headed and hung up without saying another word.

By the time he reached his exit he was shaking. To calm himself he kept grabbing the steering wheel and squeezing it as hard as he could. As tears formed in his eyes, all the fabulous mansions that lined his lavish street became monstrous blurs. His tears flowed freely as the gates to his drive opened and he pulled in half waving as he passed Security.

Upset, Amir parked his car in front of the garage and sat staring out of the window at the pool. Reminiscing about all the good times he and Lance once shared, he kept repeating, �Things weren�t always like this, there was a time when you really loved me. What happened Lance? What happened?� As the reality of his situation sank in, Amir laid his head on the steering wheel and began to cry uncontrollably, allowing his thoughts to go back to the night three years earlier, when he and Lance first met.

I’m still here


Bugarron: A hidden homosexual. A man who appears to be heterosexual, but have homosexual inclinations. That’s the textbook definition, but it’s much deeper than that. A true Bugarron is so for profit only, or so they say. He does not think of himself as gay and would never let anyone know if they were on the receiving end during sex.

Living in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, my first months were filled with excitement and adventure. Like so many gay men before me, I enjoyed the company of more than one beautiful bugarron. I’m not a stranger to the male hustler nor their methods to entice their prey, but these weren’t your average hustlers. It wasn’t just that they were some of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen; it was the way they moved, the way they spoke, the way they touched me. If was as if they carried all the sexuality of the city within them.

The longer I was there, the more they intrigued me; not just physically, but the person, his story.

I would sit for hours in La Zona Colonial, and just observe them; who they left with, how long they were gone. I would listen to their conversations and how happy they were when they found someone with deep pockets, and how they would exchange information on which ones to avoid because they were cheap. I openingly displayed my disgust more than once when I would see one of these beautiful Bugarrons leave with someone so physically unattractive I couldn’t imagine anyone being with them. I would watch them at bars and how they would approach someone and immediately make them feel like they were the only person in the room. I would observe the clients searching every spot in town looking for the one that just stole his watch, wallet or anything else they could get their hands on.

I wondered how guys so beautiful and affectionate could still be poor. Why weren’t they living in high rises and beautiful homes, taken care of by men who would love nothing more than to wake up next to them each morning?

One night while sitting at Pacos, A favorite diner of the Bugarrons I decided to stop wondering. I invited one of my favorites to my table and offered him a drink. I told him I wanted to know everything. Why was he out there, how did he feel when he laid with these men, what were his dreams. That night was the beginning of my journey of finding out who these beautiful guys were and what led them to our beds.













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    Sweet Hideaway

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    Having a show that gives me the opportunity to showcase the beautiful personalities of others, educate my viewers on many subjects and share my passion for the arts is a dream come true. Interviewing more people in two season than any other television host in the history of the city where I filmed, that’s amazing. Doing it all while being myself, that’s a gift. Lucashay!



    Produced and Starred Cable T.V. Program That’s Got To Go!

    Produced West African Art Exhibit and Auction

    Starred in Motion Picture Sweet Hideaway

    One of the  first Designers to teach Home Staging Classes for Century 21 and Real Estate One Realtors 

    Wrote and Published  Award nominated book:

    Promoted and Hosted Book Signings for Authors

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    Snow queens, in production

    Somebody’s going to love me, in production


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